Friday, March 19, 2010


Tonight I took 8 little Brownie's to a PJ Party. 5 in my car, 3 in another. Here are some conversations I overhead between the 5 girls. I enjoyed just listening. I'm jotting them down now before I forget.

Hey, listen to this. It's cool. Did you know they put Jesus on the cross when he was alive and he died 35 minutes later? He just died up there. He was born on Easter and died on Christmas. No, that's not right. He was born on Christmas and died on Easter. Oh, okay. But what about Hanukkah? You get gifts for like 2 weeks. That's pretty cool!

Wouldn't it be weird if you fell down and broke your booby? But I don't think you have a bone in your booby to break. You could only rip it in half. What if men had boobies? Some men do have boobies when they get fat.
Milk squirts out boobies. (much giggling) That's so the mom can feed the baby. That's why we have belly buttons too, so the mom can feed us while in tummies. What if your belly button was as big as the whole world? You'd have a lot to eat.

I just smiled to myself. How could I not?

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