Sunday, June 21, 2009


We spent all day Saturday at the beach. It was finally HOT, of course, for our last day. The water, however, was ICE COLD. We'd have to get hot before we could stand to get in.

Rod and Julie picked up some good ol' North Carolina barbeque for lunch, and we watched the dolphins again. They were a little later than yesterday.

Josh and Macy spent hours with the boagie board in the water with the waves sweeping them away. Kaylin didn't care for it as much. Of course, I took nine hundred pictures of them. Here's a few:

I loved watching the osprey's (i think that is what they were) skim the edge of the water looking for fish. i love this picture with the wave breaking and the bird flying through it.

Family group picture before we left the beach for the last time

That night Rod and Julie watched the kids, and Bobby and I went out for dinner. I tried soft shell crab, a local favorite. Can't say I cared for it, but it was fun to try.

We all went to Kill Devils for custard, and ooooooohhhhhh was it good. The kids had to be pratically hosed down from the melting mess of ice cream.

Another splendid perfect day!

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