Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day One: KC to Louisville

All set to go...movies in DVD player, no one is yelling yet... they were sad to leave the dogs, though.

Picnic lunch in Concordia...

Oh so excited about this familiar sight...

Crossing our first state line...

Can't tell you much about what happened across the great state of Illnois. I finished a book, they got in trouble, and so forth and so on. Over and over, with views of cornfields and soybeans.

Pulled in for dinner at a rest stop...wait a minute, is that what I think it is?

It was! A park, complete with tire swing. This helped run off any extra energy and made everyone very happy.

Final state for the day.

Crossing the huge Ohio river

Kaylin finally gave in, and crashed out on her armrest. She snored. It was cute!

We stayed right by the University of Louisville. Rolled in at 8:50, and the pool closed at 9. I convinced the front desk lady to let us swim until 9:30, so all was well. Had we not been able to swim, it would not have been pretty.

Today was hard. I think because Missour and Illnois are boring states, and we seen the scenery so much!

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