Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day two: Louisville to Williamsburg

Day Two: Head out. Drove through the remaining part of Kentucky, then enter the Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.

This drive changed my mind as what West Virginia looked like. I imagined coal mines and hillbillies--stereotypical, I know. But it was really pretty! Lots of rolling hills, tons of dark green trees. All these were taken from the car window while driving, hence the power lines and street poles. :)

Enter Virginia! Last state of the day. Lots of yelling and cheering, from all four.

Kaylin got bored and colored on herself with a highlighter and pen, and gave herself tattoos.

I got bored and took a picture of my eye with sunglasses on.

This drive was very pretty too...more of the hills, some bigger as we went through the Shenondoah and Blue Ridge Mountains.

Macy passed us a note...

They found a caterpillar and tried to feed it a cheeto

Loved this shot at the last rest stop.

I remember when my brother first moved to Atlanta and then came back for a visit, he said "where did all the trees go!" I thought, "how strange, doesn't he see all the trees?" Next time I went to Atlanta, I saw what he meant. Trees all over the place!!!!

Virginia (or what we have seen of it) is the same way. Driving down the highway, it's wall to wall trees. You can't see any of the town you just drove by, or what is at the bottom of the exit ramp, or even the other side of the highway! It's almost suffocating for someone with a touch of claustrophobia. Very, very pretty though!

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