Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random Wednesday...

Too bad there's not some catchy alliteration I could use for Random Wednesday--this will just have to work!

Yesterday, I stopped to properly look both ways before I backed out of the driveway. It was raining to the west of our driveway, but not the east. I guess our driveway was the cut off point. Never seen that before!

I wonder how many times I am going to turn on the light switch in my shower, forgetting the light is burned out. Or maybe one of us could actually change the light bulb...

Every day after the girls get on the bus, I walk/run the 4 mile trail by our house. I've been seeing the same people every morning. No conversation more than a "Good Morning" or a head nod has transpired between us, but I will miss these people next week while we're gone. I've given them nicknames:

Man with Brown Poodle
K-State Man (always has a different K-State shirt)
Tiny Vietnamese Lady
Man on Bike with Weird Eyebrows
Fast Walking Lady with Stopwatch

That makes me wonder, have they given me a nickname? Here might be some choices:

Face Gets Really Red
Looks like She's Going to Die
Breaths Heavily
Runs Slowly

That's enough random thoughts for me today. I'm off to get my hair cut, do more laundry, take a nap and read. Such exciting plans.

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