Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday

At the zoo yesterday, my flip flop did not break, causing me to walk from the exit to the car with only one shoe on. In the car, I did not put on my daughter's flip flop for the drive home.

And speaking of my daughter's shoes, I do not deeply fear that her feet are slowing down in shoe size, and that she will end up with my feet size and Bobby's height.

On Friday, I did not forget to put gas in the car after leaving the grocery store. I did not pull into my parents driveway and see "O mpg till empty" on the dashboard. I did not have my dad follow me to the gas station.

I did not put the girls to sleep in their clothes every day last week, to save time in the morning before putting them on the bus.

And they did not have pudding for breakfast three days last week because I did not go to the grocery store after vacation.

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