Monday, June 15, 2009

Beach Day One and Two-a fraction of the pictures

We arrived! After a detour at the zoo in Norfolk, VA, we arrived at the condo. The girls changed into suits and were at the beach within 5 minutes.

View from our condo deck:

Macy's first trip into the ocean with Bobby:

Kaylin's first trip into the ocean with Bobby:

After a fun afternoon and evening, we went for a walk along the beach. The kids started dry, and ended up completely soaked, of course. This is the view Rod, Julie, Bobby and I saw the whole walk"

Sweet Kaylin has had sand all over her body:

How I have spent my time:

Lovely shot from the bottom of our stairs:

Sleeping arrangements for the kids:

Popsicles after dinner, before the nightly walk

This afternoon we had a rousing game of ladderball, which I still continue to suck at:

No real stories to tell; just lots of sand, sea and play. The water is cold, but hasn't held them back much. The air temperature is a little chilly too, but that hasn't held them back much either. And I've already taken about 200 photos. :)

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