Monday, October 4, 2010

Split Allegiances

I teach at a district just 10 miles away from our town, where Bobby works and the girls go to school. Houses are cheaper in our small town, while the pay is better in my district. 

But the girls are growing up with a split allegiance. My students are constantly asking me if I am coming to their games, and we do go to quite a few. I love being able to tell the quarterback, "Awesome touchdown pass in the last 5 minutes" or tell the volleyball player "what a great game!". I think it helps build relationships with them as well. The girls tag along with me, and love all things my school as much as their own school.

Thursday night my school had a festival of sorts, and then Friday night was the Homecoming Football game. We met a new friend:

and had a great time. Of course, however, we missed the girls' Homecoming football game to go to mine. To show the split allegiance the girls are feeling, Kaylin brought this art project home Friday night:

One sleeve says "Go Bulldogs" and the other sleeve says "Go Eagles!" I laughed when I saw this--nice job Kaylin of accurately depicting both schools.

I don't want to move, and have to pull the girls away from their friends, and I don't want to take a pay cut to move to their district. Looks like we'll be dealing with this for a while.

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