Sunday, October 17, 2010

4 Reasons

Reasons I love my girls:
  1.  At the T-rex restaurant Friday afternoon, Macy said "I want to work here when I grow up." I said, "what happened with wanting to be a vet?" She replied, "Not anymore. I want to work here." Ahhh, to be young and think that working at the T-Rex restaurant will pay your bills.
  2. We tried a new yogurt place where it was .39 an ounce. The girls went crazy with toppings, and Bobby and I didn't say a word. Afterwards, they both admitted they had too many toppings and they should have gotten less. Love it when they learn lessons on their own!
  3. Friday night was a rarity, and I love it when it happens. Kaylin asked to sleep in Macy's room, and for two hours they played quietly in her room. When Bobby and I got ready to go to bed, they were still quietly playing. I think we were asleep before they were.
  4. Almost every night, at some point during the night, they come into our room with pillows and blankets and sleep on our floor. I usually don't even know they are there until I wake up in the morning and find an obstacle course of children and dogs on our floor.

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