Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nothing really

As usual, it's been a busy week. As usual, Bobby has been working a lot and I haven't seen him but an hour or two since Tuesday. I'm thankful that in this economy he has a job (or three!) but good grief. It feels like I'm a single parent when this happens, and being a single parent sucks.

Kaylin got in trouble at school on Thursday, for the 3rd time. She was grounded this weekend and had all her silly bands (all 100 of them) taken away until Monday. Today we went to a little festival with some friends, and she won 2 silly bands. She promptly handed them to me to wear, telling me she was grounded from them. Then when we got home, she took them and put them with her other silly bands.

Macy had a great grade-check on Friday; really proud of how well she is doing in school. Hopefully it continues. She was quite a bit moody at Girl Scouts on Thursday, which drives me nuts. One little comment can set her off, and she decides that no one likes her. I reminded her later that I am the Brownie troop leader because of HER, not the other girls, and if she didn't straighten up, we'd quit at the end of the year. She seemed to understand my point. Basketball sign-ups are this weekend, and she is excited about that. She's also asked to play volleyball next year.

Funny story from GS Thursday night. We have a new girl  whose parents are missionaires in China. They are back in the states until Christmas time, then they are going back to China. The girls were asking her questions about China, and one girl (not my daughter!) says, "Can you say something in Spanish?" Then another girl (again, not my daughter!) says, "Well, can you say something in Mexican?" Maybe we need to work on our cultures a little bit.

Parent Teacher Conferences are this week coming up, always a fun time. I will see a big increase in the amount of parents I see, because of the new class I am teaching.

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