Sunday, October 24, 2010

School Days

I can't believe I forgot to blog about Parent/Teacher Conferences! Actually, I can believe it, b/c they were very painless.

Macy is a great student, as usual, never gets in trouble, reads above average and math is below average (just like her momma) Same thing every year. Love that girl. She always tries so hard, without us "making" her, and she does well.

Kaylin. Well, if you've read my tweets, you know that she has been getting into trouble. So I was apprehensive about this one a little. Turns out all is fine. She's a little talkative (just like her momma) and has been getting just warnings. Bobby and I both thought it was more serious than that, and the teacher reassured us it wasn't and that Kaylin was a delight to have in class. She's friends with everyone, always has a smile on her face, always making others laugh and have fun. She's also always concerned that others are going to tattle on her. That's my Kaylin.

Macy is my shy child, and that really seems to be getting worse. I have to admit it is bothering me, and won't get into everything here right now. But last week she came home and said she wanted to run for Student Council, and that she needed a speech for the next day. After Kaylin was in bed, I helped her write a speech, and she practiced it over and over. Of course, she didn't use many of my suggestions. :) Here's her speech:

"Hello! My name is Macy Higgins and I would like you to vote for me for our classes student counsal. Here are some reasons you should vote for me for student counsal. I recycle, so I am helping the environment and I love all animals and I am a very outgoing person so I am not afraid to meet new people. So that is why you should vote for me."

Too cute! She didn't win, and that's fine. I was sooooo proud of her for getting up and reading the speech---only 5 did, and I was so very proud of her. I was irritated that the teacher put tally marks next to their names on the board, and she saw that only one person voted for her....grrrrrr...... But she came home not sad at bit, so all is well.

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