Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The story of the lunchbox

Yesterday Kaylin came home with her lunchbox in a Walmart bag, tied shut.

"Do you want to know why my lunchbox is in this bag?" She asked first thing. Why, yes, I do want to know.

"Ants were in my lunchbox. I had to buy hot lunch and I hated it and only ate two bites and now I'm starving and what do we have to eat."

I'm thinking, what? Ants in her lunchbox? We don't have a problem with ants right now (although we sometimes do in the spring) After asking her a million questions, and talking with her former kindergarten teacher at church, Mrs. Clapp's class is having a problem with ants. She can't figure out why, and they are eating everything. And they attacked Kaylin's lunch box yesterday, forcing her to buy hot lunch.

So until I hear that the ants are gone, I am either forcing her to buy lunch, or sending a Lunchable. No ants can get through to a Lunchable! I'm not sending a lunch for it to be ruined again, or make her eat something she doesn't like with hot lunch.

And, on a side note, here's what she did to a piece of bologna yesterday. I think she looks like Jason with his hockey mask.

Love this girl to pieces!

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