Monday, March 7, 2011

My Posse

This is my Posse (yes, capitalized because it is that important):  Misty, Maria, Jenn R, Ronna and our newest Posse Member, Roselynn. All teachers, although Jenn R got out of teaching but is still a teacher at heart. 4 of the 6 still teach together at LN.

We started our Posse about 7-8 years ago. The Posse started as a book club, where we, in theory, read books and discussed them at length with great discussion. In actuality, we read the book, maybe talked about it for 5 minutes, then moved on to other conversation. We met at someone's house, there were other member's in the group, and Misty was not allowed because she didn't read books. :) Roselynn was still in high school at this point. :)

Then we dropped the book club part, started meeting once a month to do crafts and hang out. Misty was allowed in, other members dropped out, and it was just this group.

The craft idea didn't last too long either. Have you seen me attempt to make a craft? It's not pretty.

Anyway, the Posse now meets religiously about every month, just to hang out, eat, talk. And I do mean religiously--sometimes it is every other month, but not often. We aren't consistent in our days; sometimes it's a Friday, sometimes it's a Monday--we are all busy people with busy lives, but we make it work because the Posse is that important to us.

We've gone on a float trip twice, and taken our husbands bowling, but mostly it's pretty low-key. We like it that way. Once we did a sleepover at Misty's house, kicking out her husband and kids for the night.

This a long post, but I can't tell you enough how much these women mean to me. Through thick and thin, we are there for each other. Nothing is too private to share with the group, and if any of us needed anything, the others would be there in a heartbeat. We come from different backgrounds, different situations, but we respect each others opinions.

Everyone needs a group of friends like this.

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