Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kaylin cheerleading

Kaylin finished up cheerleading on Saturday. She had a fun time, just like last year. I was her assistant coach, and had fun too. One of my good friend's Melanie was the head coach, and it was fun spending a couple hours a week together.

Here's Kaylin at her very first game, way back in January. Her dad took these first two..good job!

Clowning around with her friend Kirsten. They have a love-hate relationship that changes by the minute.

My sweet, sweet girl! Love her smile.
Being silly with her squad. One girl is missing, but look at how tall Kaylin is compared to the others! All her age or a tad younger. The girl missing is a year older, and Kaylin is about the same height.

Upward does a big celebration at the end, and this year, all the cheerleading squads put together a performance. It required several extra practice times, outside of the regular practice time, but it was worth it. It was neat to see the girls up there!

On another note, Kaylin went to the doctor yesterday for a check-up. She's in the 90% on height (meaning 90% of kids her age are shorter than her) and in the 20% for weight (meaning 20% of kids her age are skinnier than she is). She's definitely tall and skinny if you haven't seen her lately!

Oh, and she got a shot. Cried like a baby. Haven't seen her cry like that in a loooongg time!

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