Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I ran with Cheryl

There's a trail .5 miles from our house. I usually walk to the trail, run 1 mile, turn around and run 1 mile back, then walk home. It works well. Total mileage=3 miles

Last night I got the brilliant idea to NOT turn around, but do the whole trail. The whole trail is 3.75 miles, plus the walk to/from the trail. I didn't think about the trail being longer than what I usually do.

No biggie--I was doing fine. I had ran more than usual, but that was okay. Had about 1 mile left to run when I see my friend Cheryl waving at me. Then she turned around and said, "Care if I run with you?" See, I'm a slow runner. Cheryl is not. She has ran SIX half-marathons and is FAST. I said, "Sure, if you don't mind me slowing you down." She laughed, "oh, you won't slow me down."

That last mile went by in a blur. I kept up with her, running at a pace I have NEVER done before. She was just getting started, I was on the tail end of my run She was carrying on a conversation, I would get a few breathy words out to contribute to the conversation. She bounced along, I felt like I had on iron shoes. She was all-fresh-faced, I felt like my face was on fire.

But I did it. I survived and walked home. Total mileage 4.75. Bobby took one look at me and said, "How did your run go?"

"I ran with Cheryl" is all I needed to say.

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