Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thank you letters

Dearest Kaylin,
Thank you for not peeing on the Dora chair that was left accidently in the bathroom. I know how it is easy to get confused between a Dora chair and a toilet when you are sleepwalking. It was cute to find you sitting on the Dora chair, pants and underwear at your ankles, and your eyes shut. I'm glad I was able to find you in time, and reposition you on the toilet.

Love, your momma who is happy to not have to clean up pee

Dear Crazy Nurse,
Thank you for making my blood draw quite entertaining. I enjoyed the story of other patient who almost passed out while you were taking her blood, all the while I was trying not to pass out. Thank you for putting your face just mere inches from mine and saying loudly, "What is that on your lip?" when it was obvious it was a cold sore. You really helped me take my mind off it. Finally, thank you for taking blood from the edge of my elbow, and I love the bruises that now run up my arm to my bicep, and down to my forearm.

Sincerly, A woman who does not like having blood drawn

Dear Skating Rink Floor,
Thank you for providing a place for me to land when I wiped out Sunday while roller skating at an eight-year-old's birthday party. I felt just like a kid again as I sprawled out on the floor.

From someone who was pulled down from behind by her daughter

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