Thursday, October 29, 2009

Parent Teacher Conferences

Good round of parent/teacher conferences last night.

Macy was up first. Her teacher only had good things to say about her--organized, helps other kids, not a problem, and she wishes she had 20 other Macy's in the class! Love to hear that. She's reading above grade average, which she has been for a while now.

She had been going to speech twice a week for her "th" sound. We met with the speech teacher, and she feels Macy has conquered that in just a few weeks, so she was dismissed. The speech teacher said she thought about holding on to Macy for another quarter since she is such a good role model for the other kids.

Kaylin was up then. I was worried about this one, as Kaylin can be fiery little thing. Her teacher only had good things to say also. She needs to learn to tie her shoes, and not rush through her work quickly, but that she is a kind and sweet girl who is a joy to have in class. Her reading level hasn't been determined yet, but she has hit all the milestones with sounds, recogzing letters, knows her address and phone number, and behaves well in class.

No concerns regarding the girls. I'm so thankful they at least behave themselves at school, since they don't at home. :)

And once again, as I've mentioned before, the reason they are so far ahead of their classmates is the wonderful preschool education they received.

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