Monday, April 22, 2013

Roxy Poxy!

Last time you saw our Christmas present Roxy, she was a tiny little thing. Well, she eats 3 times a day. Need I say more?

In the fort we made over our snow days

What? I'm not supposed to be on the chair?
With Macy and her snowman
First time I saw Roxy and Gabe actually touching without biting each others heads off. Gabe tolerates Roxy, but not well. With Gabe's hair cut, Roxy is now bigger than Gabe.
Macy absolutely adores Roxy, and is constantly carrying her around and picking her up. Not much longer is she going to be able to do that.
This little dog is scared of every loud sound...the lawn mower, the blender, the beep of the oven timer. Here she is hiding with Macy while I vacuum. I can't imagine what she'll do when the smoke alarm goes off.
Macy likes to give her piggy back rides. :) She also likes to pick up her and Roxy wraps her arms around Macy like she is giving her a hug.

She's a sweet, sweet puppy who likes to eat socks and underwear, and isn't learning to not jump on people/things. Urgh...But we love her anyway!

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