Saturday, May 4, 2013

The City

Last week I was lucky enough to spend 5 days in one of my most favorite cities, San Francisco. Known as "the city" to the locals, I just love this city. If I was about 15 years younger, and more hip, and more wealthy, I'd love to move there.

These pictures are in no order, and are only a portion of the ones I took.

Here's an instagram collage of one day: Chocolate at the mother-ship: Ghiradelli, sea lions down at Pier 39 (we stayed and watched them for a long time; at least 50 sea lions were there), several cable car rides (I LOVE hanging off the side of a cable car. So awesome!), and a visit to Alcatraz.

I took 3 students with me, and here we are at the Golden Gate bridge. We walked about 1/2 way across, and leaned over the side and spit. Kinda fun to watch the spit (and gum) sail like crazy in the wind. The bridge is just a beautiful, beautiful site.

This senior, Savana, has been to Anaheim, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Antonio, and now San Francisco with me, and we'll be in Spain together in just 1 month.  She reminds me of a little sister, for some reason.

Here we are at the crooked street, Lombard Street.
View from the middle of the street. You can see Alcatraz way in the distance.
Golden Gate Bridge
View on the bridge.
On Saturday afternoon, we blew off the 4 1/2 hour awards ceremony and took the ferry over to Sausalito. It was about a 40 minute boat ride, and Sausalito was just amazing.

This was my 3rd trip to The City, and I'm so happy that the convention is there in 2018 again.

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