Friday, May 24, 2013

City Museum

Years ago, I took high school students to the City Museum in St. Louis on a journalism convention, and have been dying to take my girls ever since.

We used our Girl Scout cookie money to go on Saturday. Stephanie (another mom) and I took all the big girls, and Jennifer (another mom) brought her two daughters and Kaylin. Even though it was supposed to be Macy's troop, I'm so glad Kaylin got to go also.  Left Kearney at 7 am, and arrived by noon. Then it was game on--girls played and climbed and explored until they are were just exhausted. Here are some of the pictures.

Macy, Madelyn, and Kaylee in the "birdcage"

Kaylin, Danielle and Mira climbing out of the "bird cage"

The girls sliding down a skateboard ramp-like thing.

In the ball pit outside

We climbed 10 stories to the slide at the top. See all the curved stairs? Yep, that's what we went up. I was at the back, the only adult who went, and the girls did not stop up 10 stories. Practically ran, because they are 11-years-old and don't get tired. I was a sweaty mess by the time I made it to the top, trying to keep up with them.

Kaylin at the top of the 10-story slide

At the bottom, looking up at the stairs you have to climb

All the girls outside

Macy climbing over my head in a wire cage-like thing

Mira, Danielle, and Kaylin climbing. I think this is when Mira dropped her phone, and I had to lean across a fountain to retrieve the pieces for her.

This chair was freaky--you'd spin and feel like you were going to fall out, but didn't.

Macy about to drop down a slide. They said "you just fall down into a sewer"

It was a super fun trip. If you've never been to the City Museum, I highly recommend it. The girls had an amazing time, and I think they will remember it forever.

We tried to go to the Arch, but it had been sold out for 3 hours. Many disappointed girls. :( We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner, visited the City Museum for a littlle more, then headed home.

We left St. Louis at 9:00, got home at 1:30 am. Stephanie and I had to stop at two different rest stops to get out and stretch and wake up! It was a rough drive home. Made it home just as a storm was coming in; thankfully we didn't have to drive in it! That would have made it so much worse.

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