Saturday, April 20, 2013


What has Kaylin been doing the last couple months?

Entertaining herself during volleyball tournaments!
Playing Upward Basketball! 4 of her best friends were on this team, so it was a really fun season. Bobby was her coach again, and does such a great job with them! I've said before--he's a natural at working with kids. Kaylin loves playing basketball.
She also saved all her birthday and Christmas money, and bought herself an American Girl doll! In case you aren't up on this, they are $110 each. (Why didn't I invent this concept??) She's always been our spendy girl, and I'm so proud of her for saving. One Saturday she went over to Grandma's and did a TON of work-raked the yard, stuff in the house to earn extra money. She has played with this doll a ton. I'm happy to see her so happy.
Kaylin has also had a rough couple months in terms of her health. She's endured 2 MRI's--one of her hip and one of her full spine--along with several doctors appointments and x-rays. She doesn't mind them though; she's a trooper! Her hip seems to be holding its own, her scoliosis seems to be staying steady at 30ish degree curve. She does a cyst in her spine, and she'll be evaluated in 6 months with another MRI to see if it has grown. Apparently having a cyst in your spine isn't as scary as it sounds.

Love this little sassy pants to death!

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