Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring break

Over spring break last month we went to our favorite Spring Break destination place: Atlanta!

Macy sliding down the handrail at Stone Mountain. You can see how steep it is through this section; I was very happy for that handrail on the way up AND the way down. 

A picture from my camera that I sent to my niece--she has a koi pond in her backyard, and while they were at work one day, we went and dumped 40 goldfish in the pond, then waited for her response that night. She called and said, "I guess they'd been hibernating and hiding in there all winter!" Not excatly, Lauren. We love you!
Our last night there we roasted marshmallows in their fire pit, and Josh sang his song "Oh happy people" over and over. Love that boy!
Top of Stone Mountain! It was a beautiful day.
My brother made green pancakes for St. Patrick's day breakfast. Yummy!
We visited the food truck park in downtown Atlanta, and it was a fun and different experience.
Flying kites in the Olympic Park, and then we went to the CNN building. Next time, I think we'll take a tour of the CNN studios.
The girls and my beautiful niece, Lauren. Macy was so happy that she is taller than Lauren too. Sorry, L, we got the short genes of the family.

It was another wonderful trip. Not making appearance in pictures is my wonderful sister-in-law Julie, my other nephew Brandon and his girlfriend Laura, and their ferrets.

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