Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Macy

Let's see...what has Macy been up to during my blogging hiatus? Volleyball, volleyball, volleyball.

She played this spring on a competitive volleyball team, and absolutely loved it. We went to 7 tournaments January-April, luckily all 7 were in the general area. She didn't really like spending ALL day at a tournament, but she loves playing volleyball.

After many seasons of basketball, we've learned we don't have an uber competitive child when it comes to sports.  But you know what? That's okay. She loves the game, she is a darn good player (in my opinion) because she stays calm and collected.

As a whole, the girls developed SO MUCH during these months. It was absolutely amazing to see how much the girls improved from the first tournament to the last one. It will be so fun to watch them play over the years!

 In this tournament, they won 2nd place. Got tshirts, which are as good as medals. The parents and kids were just so estastic that they made it to the championship game, we almost didn't even care they were 2nd. It was a fun day.

 Macy, Tess and Gracie--the firefighter's daughters.

What else has she been up to? In January she did the Polar Plunge, raising money for Special Olympics.

And in general, she has been growing up and becoming a teenager who is 2 inches taller than me. And I love her to death.

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