Friday, May 25, 2012

Love Languages

Bobby and I are attending a Sunday School class called Committed Couples. It's a new class that just started a couple weeks ago. We really  like the teachers, so when they said they were starting a new class, we decided to give it a try. It's not marriage counseling for couples who are struggling, but rather a class to keep your marriage strong and honor Christ at the same time. We've started with the 5 Love Languages, which has been interesting  to learn about. Of course, I don't know Bobby's Love Language because he hasn't done the quiz yet. :)

We've been talking about the 5 Love Languages for Children a little in class as well, so today I had the girls take the quiz to determine their Love Language. I had them do it on their own, away from each other, and I didn't help them other than explain the directions.

Here's Macy's results:

This tells us Macy would prefer to have Words of Affirmation (good job, I'm so proud of you, etc.) and spend Quality Time with us over Physical Touch. This is not a surprise--she does not like being touched. I was a little surprised her Receiving Gifts was so low-at this age, they are materialistic by nature, and she loves getting gifts. So with Macy, we need to work on using Words of Affirmation and Quality Time to reach her best and show her we love her.

Here's Kaylin's results:
I am SHOCKED her Physical Touch score wasn't higher. This kid loves to touch--she is always holding my hand, holding onto my arm, cuddling, climbing in my lap, willingly gives me kisses (the other day when I was dropping her off at Worlds she hopped into the front seat to give me a kiss before going), always wants to be touching me. I am not surprised at Words of Affirmation--she thrives on being told she's doing a good job, that we are proud of her.

Probably a boring post for most of you, but I found it interesting enough to record here for those in contact with my girls to see what works for them and what doesn't. And it will be interesting to see how that changes as they get older.

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