Thursday, May 3, 2012

Itchy, red bumps

Back story: Yesterday at school there was an trip to the pond to look at bullfrogs for Earth week, and after school Kaylin was playing outside with the bullfrogs at a neighbors house.

Her GA teacher on Wednesday nights at church texted me and said, "you'd better come look at Kaylin." I was feeling under the weather but headed up there. She had red bumps all over her face and legs. We hurry to CVS to get benedryl, and everyone is sure she has poison ivy.

By the time I get her in the shower, it is all over her arms, back, shoulder, face and legs. We dose her up and put on poison ivy spray, and try to keep her from touching it.

This morning she woke up without a mark of any kind! It wasn't poison ivy, she had hives! She'd ran a fever on Sunday, and she's had hives before after a fever, but never this bad. It was all over. How strange!!

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sarah h said...

Sage was 18 months old when she had her first case of the hives. I was so freaked out I thought she was going to die of some flesh eating disease. It totally scared me. It's weird how they go away so fast.