Sunday, January 15, 2012

Things overheard at Kaylin's birthday party

Right now there are 8 little 7 and 8 year olds running around my house screaming bloody murder, having a pillow fight with pillow pets, and oohing and ahhing over the dogs. Since I'll be on my laptop most of the night working on things, thought it might be funny to keep a running list of funny things I overhear from these crazy girls tonight.

1. Kaylin, your room is messy. My room is spotless. I can't even have a sock on the floor without getting in trouble.
2. Do NOT give me apples. Apples make me hyper.
3. There's a DOG in the bathroom!
4. Can we watch the Justin Bieber movie? (screams)NOOOOOOOOOO!!
5. My mom lets me eat cookies straight out of the oven. She doesn't care if I burn my mouth.
6. Can I lick the cookie sheet?
7. This is my first sleepover. (said about 75 times)
8. My mom told me not to eat all your food. She thinks I eat a lot.
9. Is that your dad upstairs in bed with your mom? (said in the morning when Bobby came from fire station)
10. Can I have coke with my breakfast?

Updated: The birthday girl did not have such a great birthday party. All was fine until about 10, when she began running a slight fever and didn't feel well. Of course we were out of Tylenlol, so with a great sigh, Bobby brought some from the fire station. She fell asleep on the couch shortly after. It was too late to call parents, so I did my best to keep her contained. I figured at that point they were already exposed anyway. So everyone else ate chips, played, and watched movies while she slept on the couch. Not the way she wanted that party to happen!

Newest update: Kaylin is feeling better this morning, but definitely not up to par. She has moved off the couch and is attempting to hang out with her friends.

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