Monday, January 2, 2012

Running goals for 2012

Just went back to December of 2010 in the blog archives and found my running goals for 2011. Here's the entry:

Setting goals

I'm thinking that by writing this down, in front of everyone, that it will force me to follow through with this.

Last summer, I had built my way up to running 4 miles, then some things happened and my running fell way off. Okay, my running stopped altogether. I am fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on how you look at it) to be in a Sunday School class full of runners who talk about it all the time and make you want to run as well. So one of those friends and I decided to do the following runs this next year.

5k on January 30: Groundhog Day Run 
This 5k is all underground, in the caves of KC.

10k on April 2: Rock the Parkway
This 10k winds around Ward Parkway.

 Half-marathon on June 4: Hospital Hill
This is the GrandDaddy of all races. 

Now, dear readers, hold me to this. Make me do it. For the sake of my genetically high blood pressure and (slightly) high cholesterol, make me do it.

That was from December 2010. Now in January 2012, here's my update.

I really didn't do too bad--I actually did better than this. Here's my running history from 2011:

April 2 was my first ever 5k, Rock the Parkway. Heres's the blog entry for it.
May 21 was the Girls On the Run 5k, Macy's 1st 5k too! Here's the blog entry for it.
June 5 was the Hospital Hill 5k. Didn't quite make the half I had planned on, but here's the entry
August was the Susan G. Komen 5k. Apparently this one didn't rate a blog entry.
October 15 was my first half marathon! Man, can't believe I did that. Here's the blog entry

So ended the year with 4 5k's and a half marathon. Not bad for this non-runner.

Here's my running goals for 2012: Again, written down to force me to do it. (hopefully)
1. Keep track of my running miles so I can total them up as the year goes on.
2. Lose about 10 pounds to make running easier.
3. Add cross training/weights to make core stronger.
4. Try to run faster as the year goes on. 

Here's the races I want to run. Not picking the distances yet in some cases to see how the year goes.
 I will be in Seattle and can't do Rock the Parkway, which makes me sad. I liked that one.

February 5--Trail Run 5k
April 21--Oz race, distance TBD
May 8--Mother's Day 5k
June 2--Hospital Hill, distance TBD
October 20--Waddell and Reed half marathon

That's my plan. We'll see what happens. Need to consult with my running friends to see what they are doing. A HUGE part of my motivation is having someone to run with, even if it's only at the starting line and finish. Anyone want to run with me?????

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