Saturday, January 7, 2012

Basketball season is back again

Oh, how I love my Saturday's in January, February, March--running from one basketball game to the next, keeping track of water bottles, basketball shoes, uniforms, etc.

Today started with just one game, thankfully. Macy had her first game. Bobby is again her coach, along with his BFF Andy (today they coached with their MU and KU shirts on, respectively).  They played their "rival" team, and we were really hoping to pull off the win. Instead we ended up with a tie. But Macy played great--if you've read here before, you'll know that Macy has the skills and the height and the knowledge, but sometimes lacks the want-to and desire. Today, all was there. She missed a few shots and is normally a pretty good shooter, but that's okay. She was playing hard and trying, and we can't ask for better than that.

Here's my beautiful 5'1" girl--yes, she's ONE inch shorter than me. ONE inch.

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