Saturday, May 7, 2011

It starts.

This afternoon Macy, Kaylin and their friends Kaylee and Joseph set up a "sale" in the driveway. Their product? Bowls of cereal mixed with dried cranberries and cups of water for .20 cents. Only customer was Kaylee and Joseph's dad. I wonder why? Anywho, back to the original story.

The loco boys showed up--nicknamed this by Macy because they are crazy. They are neighborhood boys a year or two older--or could be same grade. I've never really talked to the loco boys but have seen them riding their bikes. They stayed for about a half hour, and I watched the drama unfold through the windows as I was picking up the house. At one point I took this picture through Macy's bedroom window--boys climbing our tree, girls watching.

Lots and lots of "flirting" going know, kid flirting where you pretend the other annoys you, but secretly you are loving the attention.  The girls were blaring Justin Bieber on the radio, the boys pretended to hate it, stole the CD and the girls chased them around to get it, the boys stole the girls' bikes and the girls chased them to get them back, the girls tried to spray the boys with the water hose, the boys helped them sell their cereal and cups of water by yelling at cars driving by.

The whole time I was inside, laughing to myself and texting Kaylee's mom and Bobby of the drama unfolding. It was hysterical to watch the grade school flirting, and just proved the girls are growing up. Soon it will be the real deal.

Oh goodness, I'm not ready.

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