Monday, May 16, 2011

Dance 2011

Saturday brought another round of dance recitals. For the first time, the girls were in different shows. We've lucked out in the past and they've been in the same one, but not this year. We had to sit through 2 2-hour shows in which our daughters danced for 3 minutes. At one point I told Bobby, I'm really sorry you didn't have boys and have to suffer through this.

 Here's our Macy. She's taking hip hop this year. She's been taking dance since she was 3, and I think this might be the last year. She did a dance to Ridin' Solo, and it was cute.

Here's Kaylin. She's in a dance combo class, and they did a jazz dance to Life is a Fairytale, a song I've never heard. She had a small "solo" of sorts in this one, and it was neat to see her in that role.

Macy was giving Kaylin tips before Kaylin's show, and she said, "I've been on stage so many times from dance competitions to recitals to drama club performances, and I'm not nervous anymore. I know what to do." I smiled to myself, because that child is still very shy. But if she thinks she's not nervous, then I'm not going to tell her!

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