Saturday, May 21, 2011

Girls on the Run

My niece Hannah has been doing an after-school program called Girls on the Run--focuses not only on physical activity, but social and physical development as well. The end result is a 5k. My sister wasn't going to be able to run due to an injury, and Hannah needed some motivation, so I told her I'd run with her. Then Macy said she wanted to, then my friend Jenn said she'd do it too, so the four of us ran a 5k this morning! We had quite a cheering section, and had a fabulous time.

Here's the 4 of us before the race started.

Just getting started!
This is Macy and Hannah crossing the red finish line. Jenn and I are behind them, and thankfully Bobby saved you all by not taking our picture..
Macy and Hannah after the race. They did great! We most definitely didn't run the whole 5k, took some walk breaks when they wanted to, but they didn't grown or complain.
Here's the group Hannah has been training with.
Here's the four of us post-race. Not as lovely as the before picture, but hey, we just did a 5k!

Me and my beautiful daughter and niece. So very proud of them!

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