Sunday, May 29, 2011

Busy week

It's been about a week since I was an insanely busy week. Here's a short recap.

This beautiful girl had a bridging ceremony for Girl Scouts and bridged from Brownies to Juniors. There are no pictures of the actual ceremony because I was in charge, and someone (no names to protect the guilty) "didn't know he was supposed to take pictures."

Kaylin also bridged this week, from Daisy's to a Brownie. She did not appreciate the jokes about eating her now that she was a Brownie. Here she is reading her part in a poem at the ceremony.

My beautiful girl and her certificate. Her troop is huge and rowdy, but she loves Girl Scouts.
The girls also had a ceremony at church for the group they are with on Wednesday nights. They had to research a country, prepare a food from that country, and find a game. Then throughout the year, they studied missionaries from those countries. Macy was paired up with Lauryn, and they had Jordan. Lauryn's aunt/uncle/cousins are missionairies in Jordan, so it was easy. Kaylin was paired up with Gracie, who was adopted from China about 2 years ago, and their country was China, so that was easy too.

Wednesday the girls and I got hair cuts (bangs...eww...but I agreed bc it's their hair) and we all got feather hair extensions, all the newest rage. They were so excited to go to school on Thursday and show them off!

Friday brought our last day's of school for the summer. I was in charge of a luncheon for teachers Friday afternoon, and spent all night Thursday working on a PowerPoint--it was 118 slides. Then Friday morning I somehow managed to save over it with another Power Point--it was gone. Poof. I managed to re-do the PowerPoint in a mere hour, finishing with about 10 minutes to spare. Massive stress!! 

The girls got excellent report cards and both received Reading awards at the school assembly. More important to me than the awards are the fun they had in school, and how much they enjoy it and their friends. They are both excellent students who work hard, and that's all I ask. 

Finally, wrapping up our busy week, I brought home 2 dwarf hamsters on Friday for the summer. Our Gateway program, which is for students ages 18-21 with mental disabilities, have 2 dwarf hamsters who had no where to go for the summer. I made a spontaneous decision without checking with my wonderful husband, and now they are on our fireplace for the summer. The girls love them, although I can't tell you how many times we've yelled at Kaylin for trying to pick them up. I'll get a picture and update soon. Oh, and their names are Thelma and Louise. Ha!

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