Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Days. Again.

What a storm we had, bringing us Snow Days 5 and 6, and cutting into my week-long spring break.

The girls and I had a nice day. They were soooooo good all day, few problems. Macy has been battling some bad headaches, and had two today, but Kaylin's ear is all better. We made cookies, made snow ice cream, played the Wii, made Valentine's, and made tortilla snowflakes (cut a tortilla like you would a snowflake, then cook at 400 for 10 minutes, then dust with powered sugar or cinnamon. Yum!)

Bobby was working today, and I'm praying he has a restful night and doesn't have to run a bunch of calls all nights. Makes me nervous, and I'm not a nervous person.

Took these two through the kitchen window and the back door, then put filters through Instagram on them. Thought they turned out pretty good!

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Sarah said...

Might you put a link on your blog to mine?

I'm actually keeping it up to date these days.. :)