Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cousins Tea Party

I'm the youngest grandchild (#25!) on my dad's side. The nearest cousin to me is about 9-10 years older. Thus, there were not a lot of cousins my age. My first cousins were older and already having kids, so most of the time I played with my younger second cousins. I hated not having cousins my own age. The girls are lucky to have cousins their own age, and I want them to know them and have fun with them.

We planned a Valentine's Day tea party a couple weeks ago. It was at my mom's house, and she went all out. The girls got dressed up and had a great time.  Here are the girls with their first cousin, Hannah.

The kitchen table Mom decorated...
My mom has a boatload of jewelry, and the girls tried it all on. She even still has the bracelet she wore when she graduated from high school!
Macy has been begging for big dangly earrings. I think she was surprised at how heavy they were!
My dad has this saying: "What do blue-eyed people have to do?" And Kaylin and Hannah say: "Stick together!"  He's also told Kaylin she has to marry someone with blue eyes. He's the reason my Kaylin has her beautiful blue eyes.  Here is Dad with the blue-eyed cousins.

And here's the only brown-eyed ones in the family--my mom, me and Macy.

Here's the girls with their--well, I'm not really sure what cousins they are. They are my cousin Jeff's daughters, which I guess makes them my second cousins, and maybe the girls third cousins? Anyway, Ellie is on the top next to Hannah-Ellie is almost 10, just 9 months older than Macy. Katie is next to Kaylin, and she's just a couple months younger than Kaylin.

It was a fun afternoon, and hopefully one the girls will remember!

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Jennifer Jayhawk said...

that is very cool - I think it is great to go out of your way to make sure they know their cousins. I grew up w/ cousins close by, but not anymore. My girls don't have any cousins..bummer. That was really nice of your mom to do all that and especially the jewelry. It is fum to watch my 3 play w/ my moms crazy 70's and 80's jewelry - but they love it!!