Sunday, February 6, 2011

Purple star shooters

Haven't said much about basketball this year. Macy's team is comprised of 1st-3rd graders, and there have been some learning curves due to the difference of ages and height. Macy is not the fastest, the best shooter, the best hustler, or the team star, but regardless, she has made a contribution on the team and plays hard.

Here she is shooting...can't see the ball in this picture, but it went in!

And here she is dribbling.
She continues to like basketball, not sure I would say she loves it, but she likes it well enough. Her team has only one game, and in the car after the loss, she told me, "My dream has been crushed. My dream was to make it the whole season without losing." Ahhhhh.....

We might put her in a couple basketball camps this summer. She's definitely going to have the height for basketball, and has a nice shot.

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