Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bieber Fever

Took the girls to see the new Justin Bieber movie this afternoon. Meet two friends and their daughters there, and we had an entire row full. I expected more singing, screaming or sighing from the girls, but they were mesmerized with their 3D glasses, reaching out to "touch" him.

I wasn't sure what to expect; I mean, the kid is only 16. What can they say about his life so far? But really it turned out to be a cute little movie. A go-for-your-dreams kind of thing, anything is possible, movie. He was discovered from YouTube videos, crazy as that sounds, just about two/three years ago. Now he's selling out Madison Square Gardens in 22 seconds. Crazy. Cameos from some big name people too, including one of my fave's--Usher.

Macy's friend Jessica spent the night, and they made video after video about him. I was upstairs putting away laundry, and I could hear, "Justin Bieber is so hot" or "Bieber Fever!" etc. over and over.

Both my girls are full of Bieber Fever, that's for sure. Reminds me a great deal of my obsession with New Kids on the Block, and reminds me to let kids be kids. They're only young for a short time!

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