Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Funniest Video Ever

You know I love concerts. The girls have started asking to go to concerts, mainly because they were jealous of how cool I am, but it just hadn't happened. No one was coming that was appropriate or that we could afford. I heard last year that Taylor Swift (who the girls totally LOVE) was coming this September to Arrowhead. I started making plans to take the girls, arranging some friends to go with us and saving my money from my free-lancing gig.

Yesterday those tickets went on sale and I got the tickets. Tickets went on sale at 10, and I had them by 10:10. I knew I couldn't wait to tell the girls, so I printed fake tickets and put them in an envelope to give to them that night.

Here's the video. No words are necessary. Just watch and laugh.

Taylor Swift video

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Kenneth said...

Loved it, such fun to watch such a great family. Happy Valentines Day. Ken