Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving is over...ready for Christmas?

It was a great Thanksgiving...busy, but fun. Here's a recap.

On Wednesday, my mom, my sister Natalie and her daughter Hannah came over for lunch. It was spitting snow a little, but the girls decided they needed their hats, gloves and snow boots on to play in this "snow"

Thursday morning I took my usual picture of Macy watching the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. She says, "I am so lucky; I have a store AND a parade named after me!" She really seemed to enjoy the parade more this year then in the past.

Hannah's birthday was Friday, so on Thursday afternoon we had a mini-birthday party for her after we'd all stuffed ourselves full of turkey. We hung this pinata in the garage for the kids to hit. It took forever! I think Macy has a future in softball, because man she could hit that thing! This is Hannah's turn below.

My brother was in town from Atlanta, and it was great to have his family here. Kaylin liked to stand on my brother's feet, and he would push her up in the air. Luckily she's still light enough that it doesn't hurt that bad. She loves it! I thought this was a cool action shot that caught her right in the air.

My dad plays this "don't cross that line" game where he draws an imaginary line in the carpet, then when the kids run by, he reaches out and grabs them. He's done it for as long as I can remember; I can remember my twenty-year-old niece giggling as hard as she could. The kids all got into the game Thursday night, helping each other "escape" from Papa. It really seemed to help loosen up Josh a little.

Friday morning we went to get our Christmas tree. As soon as we step out of the car, there's Santa. Santa's suit looked better than last year's, so I asked him about it. He said Mrs. Clause found a great deal on ebay.

Bobby is very picky about our tree--takes him forever to find one. Then he starts second-guessing himself, then he forgets which trees he's seen and which ones he hasn't. But we finally found one, chopped it down and took it home.
Took a little effort to get it to stand just right, and on Saturday it actually fell over on top of the girls while we were putting up ornaments.

Saturday we took Josh to see Uncle Bobby at the fire station. As any 3-year-old would be, he was pretty excited about the fire truck, the ambulance, put on a helmet and all that. He didn't want to leave.

Uncle Bobby and Josh in front of the fire truck.

Saturday night was the huge MU/KU football game at Arrowhead. I decided to stay at my parents and watch it with my family. When I get nervous about a game like that, I can't keep my hands still. I can partially understand why people smoke--gives them something to do with their hands. I was pretty fidgety, and I'm sure I annoyed the family in the room with me. But our beloved MU Tigers won, and now are #1 in the nation in football. Now if they can just hang on for 2 more games...
Sunday we went to the MU basketball game in Columbia. Pretty uneventful, except the girls got to have their picture taken with Truman. They were beside themselves with excitement.

We came home to find our Christmas tree had fallen (again) and was stretched out across the living room with ornaments and lights everywhere.
Now we begin planning the big birthday party for Macy. We handed out invitations today. We invited 26 (yikes!!!!!!!!) and I hope no more than 24 come so I don't have to buy another dozen of everything.
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.