Sunday, November 11, 2007

Going home today...

When I talked with my mom yesterday, she asked if I'd had a good time in Philly. I said yes, why? She said all my posts were negative! I didn't intend for them to be; in fact, we had a great time! One adviser had her luggage lost, her computer locked and she needed something off the desktop, she had to sleep on a rollaway bed, and a bird pooped in her hair. SHE did not have a great time, but the rest of us did. But I'm ready to go home, and give my husband and girls a squeeze.

Yesterday we walked to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and then ran up the steps, Rocky style. There were a ton of people doing the same thing. There's a Rocky stature at the bottom and we used that as a photo op, of course.

This morning three students and I got up early to watch a building in downtown be imploded. There were probably about 100 people watching. The building was about 2 blocks away from where we stood. They counted down to 10, there was a huge boom, pigeons flew all over the place, and then the building started coming down. It started down on the left side first, but then the right side caught up with it. The dust that came after was bad, and my contacts are burning even now. It was incredibly cool, and I'm glad we got up early to go watch it.