Sunday, November 4, 2007

Birthday weekend!

Friday was my birthday, so we went to Columbia for the weekend. We got there Saturday afternoon, and shopped around downtown Columbia. I finally got my Chase Daniel (quarterback for Mizzou) t-shirt I've been looking for! We then went to the first exhibition game that afternoon too, and MU won. It actually didn't look good the first half, but they played much better in the second half. None of our group was there, so we were kinda lonely. They had moved the starting time of the game to 3, so at 5:30 they could show the MU/Colorado football game on the big screen. Only about 100 people stayed. We watched a couple drives and then left. It would have been a neat experience if the place had been packed.

Obligatory picture of the girls at the game:

Sunday morning we went to the Rock Bridge State Park, and hiked around for a while. We found a couple caves; one is closed unless you have a permit, but the other you can explore. However, we lacked flashlights, appropriate shoes, and a hard hat for Bobby, so we didn't venture very far. It was cool though, and we will probably go back this summer. This first picture is me at the bottom, shooting up to Bobby and the girls at the top.

And this one is Bobby at the top, shooting down at the girls and I at the bottom. The cave we tried to explore is to the left of where we are.

Then we tried to find a giant sinkhole, but the girls tired out early. We ate lunch, then drove to Rocheport and walked on the Katy Trail for a while. There is a 250-feet tunnel that was gorgeous, and we yelled and made our voices echo. We climbed a steep, steep hill that didn't look all that bad at the bottom but gave us a beautiful view of the Missouri River and the surrounding countryside. It was a nice, relaxing weekend.