Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sad day

I knew this day was coming. And Sarah, do not feel bad or guilty. I knew it was coming.

I've blogged before about the girls' sleeping habits. When Bobby's at the fire station, 9 times out of 10 they fall asleep either in our bed, or in their "special spots" on our floor. They've done this for YEARS. Sometimes it's aggravating when I want to be alone, but as I've said before, I knew it would stop one day and I embraced it while I could. Macy and I butt heads all day long, and it's so nice to have quiet time with just her. She lets her guard down, and lets me in, which she won't do during the day.

Tonight we picked up Tess from basketball and took her home. She was FREAKING out about catching whatever sickness her sister Kate had. She was telling me in the car that she didn't want to sleep in the same room as Kate.

Me: Well, you could sleep with Jane.
Tess: No way!
Me: You could sleep on the couch.
Tess: No way!
Me: You could sleep with your mom, since Andy's at the station.
Tess: (big laugh) Yeah right. Why would I sleep with my mom?
Me: Sometimes the girls sleep with me. (I knew to tread carefully here)
Kaylin: We do!
Macy: in a quiet, defensive voice Yeah, like when I was 7 or when I was sick

I knew I had to quickly change the conversation, so I started rambling about who knows what, to save Macy from the embarrassment I knew she would be feeling

When we started getting ready for bed, I asked her if she was going to sleep with me or in her own bed. I received a very short, very curt reply "My own bed."

I went in to tuck her in, and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. "You are welcome to sleep with me anytime, and I won't tell anyone," I whispered before I left. She pretended not to hear me.

My baby girl is growing up.

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