Sunday, February 19, 2012

How the other half lives

Wednesday night Bobby and I had an amazing opportunity--free tickets--in a suite, no less--to our beloved Missouri Tigers basketball game. My wonderful parents said they'd watch the girls overnight so we could go (8:00 start time) so we headed down to Columbia. We pulled in the special private parking lot, and we wondered how our Ford Taurus would blend in with the other fancy cars.

There was a special private entrance, since we were in the suite section. We made our way to the suite, and were shown the coat closet, the free food, free drinks in the fridge, nice padded seats.

We learned that Governor Nixon was on one side of us, Gary Pinkel's was on the other.

All in all, it was like seeing how the other half lives. You know, the non-teacher/firefighter side. The ones who can afford suites like that. It was an amazing game, a blow-out for Missouri, and we had a fantastic time. Arriving home at 1:00 and having to teach the next day was NOT awesome, however.

I would not trade my experiences at William Jewell for anything, but wonder what life would have been like in a big university. Experiencing games at Hearnes (now Mizzou Arena) would have been amazing. Hoping the girls have a chance to experience something like that for their college experience.

Here's Bobby and I at the game:

It was a very fun date night!

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