Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stream of Conciousness Sunday


5 minutes of writing...go.

Today we went to a local pumpkin patch. Had a great time--picked pumpkins, had slingshot competitions, did a hayride, rubber ducky races, and had a great time. Spent a lot of time together as a family this weekend, which is unusual and very welcomed.

Macy is still awake and won't go to sleep. Bobby is doctoring Kobe with some flea stuff; poor dog has been itching like crazy. Gabe is barking outside and I don't want to get up to let him in.

We have parent/teacher conferences this week, so no school on Friday. That's nice with the half marathon on Saturday. It's weird that I have really have no idea how some of my students are doing, since the student teacher has been teaching. She's on her final two weeks, then I'm back on.

I've been interrupted about 4 times in this 5 minute of writing, but that's the story of my life. Bobby is wanting the computer and I need to pick up a little for the babysitter tomorrow.


LINZ36 said...

Hope to be hitting the pumpkin patch soon too...I feel ya on the post writing. It seems like once I sit down to use the computer everyone wants it and I'm totally distracted. Better luck next time, have a good week!

all.things.fadra said...

I mentioned it on someone else's post but I swear the only time I get interrupted is when I need 5 minutes of uninterrupted time. I was once a student teacher and I remember my mentor would go in the back room and just read the newspaper. He loved having me there!