Sunday, October 23, 2011

Busy weekend!

It's been a busy weekend!

Friday: Dad was admitted to the hospital for some tests. He'd been in pain since his gallbladder surgery 2 weeks ago. My sister had taken the girls to CoCo Keys since they were out of school, we met at the hospital for the exchange. Then I took the girls to the winery to work with Bobby, and I headed to Zona for a much-needed Girls Night Out.

Saturday: Macy had her last volleyball game. They won their first match! The improvement the girls made from start to finish was INCREDIBLE. So proud of her and her teammates. She really likes volleyball, which is good. Basketball evaluations are coming up soon, though, so time to switch gears. After her game, we went to the hospital to find out Dad was being discharged with physical therapy starting next week. We came home for a bit, then got all dressed up for Rachel and Kyle's wedding. You could not have asked for better weather in October for an outdoor wedding! Bobby was a working guest. We stayed until 11:15 when the bride and groom left. Kaylin, just like at my niece's wedding, followed the bride around. Always about 10 steps behind her. Poor Rachel. :)

Sunday: I did my once-a-month work in the nursery at church. We had several visitors, and we had 11 babies!! The girls stayed and helped with some of the older babies. After lunch was our mandatory Sunday afternoon nap, then we headed over to the Mulkey's for a pumpkin carving party. She's done this for the last 3 or 4 years, and the number of kids has grown quite a bit. Always a good time! I carved my first pumpkin, a ghost for Kaylin.

This week doesn't look to be much calmer! Life is busy with 2 kids. Couldn't imagine having 4 or 5!

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

11 babies in the nursery? Oh you poor dear! I am glad you survived, and best of luck to your dad!