Thursday, July 14, 2011

Uses for my iPhone on vacation

You know I love,love, love my iPhone. Here are some ways I used mine this week on vacation:
1. As a GPS/map countless times. I would put in "current location" to show me where we were and how far it was to where we were going. Helped with the girls constantly asking "how much longer?"
2. To find the local Walmart to buy groceries
3. To find the nearest Red Box to return and pick up movies
4. To order Red Box movies with the Red Box app
5. To find lodging when we decided to stay another night
6. To take pictures
7. To upload pictures to Facebook and Twitter
8. To email pictures to my mom and sister, who are not on FB and twitter.
9. As a flashlight to find my shoes in the dark tent, and as I walked to the bathroom at 2 am.
10. To calculate gas mileage (not pretty)
11. To play Words With Friends in my sleeping bag at 3 am when I couldn't sleep because of the rain
12. To keep me from going crazy on our 12+ drive home
13. To look up times and prices to things we wanted to go to
14. To upload pictures to Flickr
15. To make a grocery list for what we needed
16. As an alarm clock- the girls liked the duck sound best
17. As a stopwatch as the girls raced their bikes to the bathroom and back
18. To type this blog post as we drive down 1-35, listening to Taylor Swift for the 100th time

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