Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The one where we went to a concert and sweated to death

Saturday was a much anticipated day--the Big Time Rush concert at Worlds of Fun. We'd bought our tickets over a month ago--since we have season passes, we only had to get tickets to the concert. We went with Kaylee and Joseph and their mom, and then their friend Mallory went with us as well.

Thursday night everyone came over to make t-shirts.  We totally winged it, but I think they turned out pretty cool. Good old spray paint--Amy and I were starting to get a little high from the fumes in the garage :)

We arrived at Worlds around 4, and rode a few rides while we waited. Here's all the kids when we first got there. From left to right: Joseph, Kaylin, Kaylee, Macy, Mallory. Would like to point out that Mallory is the same age as Macy; look at how much taller Macy is. And Kaylin is 2 years younger than Mallory, yet they are about the same height.

We had to wait A LOT ALOT...they had about 4 or 5 opening acts, then played music for about 30 minutes between EACH opening act. It was over 100 degrees, and we were sweating like pigs, and drinking water like it was going out of style.  The girls were champs...didn't hardly complain. Enjoyed the opening acts, even though we didn't know any of them.

The heat got to Kaylin a few times...poor girl. She never threw up, but she didn't feel good for part of the day. Luckily she felt better by the time BTR came out.
Here's BTR...finally came out at 9:30. I couldn't believe how late they came out on stage. BTR is a boy band of 4 boys, and I gotta say...even though I'm 35, I think they are pretty cute (for youngen's). Their music is pretty catchy, and we listen to it a lot in the car. They sang for about 30 minutes, and did all their ones we knew from the CD. I had to hold Kaylin for some of it, for her to be able to see the stage.
After the concert, we were walking out. The security people were trying to move us out of the way because the van with the boys inside was driving by. The girls were THIS CLOSE to touching the van as they drove by. You can image the scene...van inching along slowly, hundreds of girls right up next to the van screaming bloody murder. Pretty funny stuff.
The girls kept saying over and over "This was the best night ever!!" Very thankful to have the opportunity to take the girls to things like this, and even though it was so dreadfully hot, I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

And I think I'm turning the girls into concert-goers like me. :)

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