Sunday, July 31, 2011

Off to camp!

Macy left this afternoon for church camp for 4 days. Let me tell you, she was beyond excited. Here is she with her friend Paige and Becca right before they left. BTW, Paige and Becca are both on their tip-toes trying to be as tall as Macy. That's why they are laughing. :)

She won't be alone long, though. I'll be going up tomorrow to help for a couple days. I'll make sure to stay out of her way, though. :)

We had probably a 20 minute discussion last night about taking stuffed animals or the pillow pet. She was worried the others would make fun of her. She ended up NOT taking any stuffed animals or the pillow pet. I had suggested she hide her stuffed animal inside her sleeping bag, but no go. I also told her others would be bringing their pillow pets, but no go.

So today everyone was meeting to leave. Paige told Macy her stuffed animal was hidden inside her sleeping bag. Ha! Score one for Mom.

THEN...everyone was loaded onto the bus. I saw Macy frantically waving me over. She mouthed to me through the bus window: "bring my pillow pet when you come up tomorrow" Ha! Score two for Mom.

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