Sunday, July 24, 2011

South Dakota, Part IV...Alpine Slide

One of my favorite stories from the trip...the alpine slide.

After Mt. Rushmore, we ate a picnic lunch (we did this everyday...found parks, picnic areas next to streams, etc. Beautiful!) then headed to the alpine slide. I was so excited when I found this this alpine slide. We took Macy on an alpine slide when she was 6 months old in Winter Park, and it makes for a great story. The girls were excited to do the alpine slide.

We rode the chair lift up to the top. 

We could see Mt. Rushmore from the top, which was cool.

Then we went to get in line. The alpine slide is a track that goes down the mountain. You don't steer, but you can accelerate and brake. There is a fast track and a slow track. The line was long for the fast track, so we all went on the slow track. I went first, then Kaylin, then Macy, then Bobby. We made poor decisions in that order.

I went pretty fast,got to the bottom and waited...waited. And waited. And waited. AND WAITED. Finally, I see Kaylin coming. And I HEAR Macy. Apparently, Kaylin went so slow that Macy and Bobby both caught up with her. I honestly don't think she knew she was going that slow. Macy was TICKED because she didn't get to go fast. And we heard about it loudly.

Bobby decided to do the slide again, for Macy's sake. She really didn't have a good time, and we felt bad.

So Wednesday, we went again. We had talked with Kaylin about going fast for 2 days. When we got to the top this time, there was no line. Bobby and I went first--he was in the fast lane, I went next to him in the slow lane. But he had a head start, so there was no racing. He beat me, and he got to go fast, unlike the first time. We waited at the bottom for the girls anxiously, waiting to see who was first. 

It was Kaylin.

Bobby and I looked at each other. What just happened? Maybe Kaylin went first...

Nope. Macy went first, and Kaylin PASSED HER.  Unbelievable. Kaylin, who made Macy and Bobby go soooooo slow the first time, started after her sister and PASSED HER.

I so wish I'd had a camera for the look on Kaylin's face. I'll never forget it.

And, I'm proud of Macy for not crying or getting upset that her sister had just beaten her. :)

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