Thursday, July 21, 2011

South Dakota, Part III...Mount Rushmore!!

Monday was a beautiful day, and we went to Mt. Rushmore. As I mentioned earlier, Macy had been anxiously waiting. She'd done a book report at school about Mt. Rushmore, so she had all the facts for us and was very excited. She was also annoyed with her sister, who kept calling it Mountain Rushmore.

This is one Macy took with my little red camera. 

All four boys...Georgie, Abe, Teddy and Tommy.

First picture with Mt. Rushmore.
We bought the girls these hats when we got there, and you'll see them in many more pictures. They wore them almost the entire time we were in SD!! They loved those hats. I love this picture of my KK.
Macy taking a picture of Mt. Rushmore.

Love this family shot! We'd had another one taken by a guy who had no clue how to work the digital SLR, and it was a crappy picture. Later I saw a guy with his own digital SLR, so he obviously knew how to work the thing and this was the end result. Much better.

Monday was also Bobby and I's 13th wedding anniversary..crazy to think we've been married 13 years!! I made sure to get a picture of us and Mt. Rushmore for our wedding anniversary.

And that was our trip to Mt. Rushmore. I took about 800 pictures (I know you're surprised,right?) but only put my faves on here.

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