Thursday, April 14, 2011

Trainwreck of a day...

Bobby said I needed yesterday's trip written down in a book, but I don't have a book, so I'll blog about it.

Dad drove me to airport at 5:15 am
Met 21 other students, so excited to get to Cali
Fuel leak on plane
Stand at ticket counter for 1.5 hours to re-book 21 people
3 goats in pet carriers in ticketing line
What a complete hassle that was
End up on 2 different flights, 2 different airlines
Fly to Denver with 6 others, luggage still in KC
Brake problem on that plane
Man went into diabetic shock
Land in Denver
Find out the other 14 didn't leave KC when supposed to
Fly to Orange County
No luggage
No issues on that plane but my contact fell out
Two dogs on that plane
White Hummer Limo picked us up
Drove through Orange County dancing and singing in the Hummer Limo
Ate dinner on the pier at Huntington Beach, surrounded by Pacific Ocean. Beautiful.
Ran through sand, dipped toes in the FREEZING cold water
Shopped in Huntington Beach
Drove in White Hummer Limo to hotel
Checked in
Relaxed for 3.5 minutes
Rode transit bus to Downtown Disney
Ate dinner, shopped at Downtown Disney
At 8:45 pm, other crew arrived with our luggage in the White Hummer Limo
That was 10:45 CST, so they had been at the airport/in air for 17 hours

Off to Disney today!

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